Civic Association Cesta in Náchod is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to persons with disabilities in overcoming mental, physical, social and other consequences of their handicap.


Civic association Pathway operates:

Day Care Centre – based in Náchod – Běloves, Na Vyšehradě Street No. 67

Respite Services – outpatient and residential – based in Náchod, Bartoňova Street No. 897


In 1993 an initiative of parents and friends of children with disabilities led to establishment of the Civic Association Pathway in Náchod as a non-profit organization, with the intention to build a special-purpose facility to help children with disabilities and their families. With the support of the District and Municipal Authority in Náchod, Association of the Disabled and Association for the Assistance to Mentally Handicapped we succeeded.

In January 1994, trial operation was launched in the day care centre Pathway, in February the first children came, later during the year their numbers increased and since September the day care centre was in full operation.

Until August 1998, the day care centre operated in premises rented from the Leisure Centre D in Náchod.

From September 1998, it is located in a barrier free single floor building in Náchod-Běloves. The building was renovated specifically for the purpose of the day care centre.

The rising age of children and caregivers, and thereby increasing complexity of care for children with disabilities forced the members of the civic association to discuss the idea to expand services for people with disabilities.

At the end of 2005, those ideas materialized in a concrete form. Municipality of Náchod offered our association a barrier-free house in Náchod near the Boarding House “Marie”. The civic association decided to expand its services and include a respite (relief) service and operate it in the newly acquired house. The service is designed for families or individuals caring for a child or adult with a disability so the caregivers could have a rest, or when the caregivers are ill or in convalescence or when they cannot look after the disabled person due to some other obstacle.
The last quarter of 2005 was dedicated to preparations for this new service and the beginning of 2006 trial operation could start.